24 September 2014

Supplier of the week – Iain Henderson Designs

Proposing to your girlfriend is a pretty big step, you’ve asked her Father’s permission, you’ve planned the time and place, all that’s left now is the engagement ring. You want your girlfriend to say yes, therefore the ring has to be perfect.

A lot can put a man off from buying an engagement ring; getting hassled by sales assistants trying to sell you the most expensive ring in the shop, bumping into your future fiancés friend trying to make up some excuse as to why you’re in a jewellery store, there is a lot than can ruin the surprise!
This is where Iain Henderson Designs comes in, a unique and exciting way to choose an engagement ring. Iain breaks the whole process down for his customers, he helps explain the differences between diamonds, metals and styles and will take the time to listen to your ideas so that you can pick the perfect diamond for the perfect ring.

If you’re struggling with the design of the ring, not knowing what your girlfriend would like. One of Iain Henderson Design’s most unique selling points is that you don’t even need to propose with a ring, you can propose with just a Diamond. Then when she’s said yes, you can both go back together to design the ring.

Not only can Iain Henderson Design’s make your engagement ring he can also make your wedding bands so that it fits seamlessly with your engagement ring.

After all the effort men go to to propose to their girlfriends, they should at least get something in return. One of the more recent trends that has emerged in jewellery design is the development in men’s wedding jewellery. The options for men are endless, allowing them to get a ring that is truly individual and unique.

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