10 October 2014

Supplier of the week – Patisserie Viennoise

The feeling of cutting that very first slice of wedding cake as husband and wife needs to be a moment to remember.

Your cake has been gazed upon by all your friends and family, all of them eager to taste the layers of fruit, sponge or chocolate. Whether you choose a traditional wedding fruit cake or individual cupcakes, Patisserie Viennoise’s creations don’t only look good but taste incredible.

Moving with the times, Patisserie Viennoise offers a huge range of designs and cakes such as individual miniatures, cup cakes to naked sponge towers.
One of our bride and grooms recently chose individual white chocolate cakes filled with a delicious chocolate mousse of which we served as dessert, a great way to ensure all your guests get some cake.

One of my favourite things about Patisserie Viennoise is that each masterpiece is hand delivered by Trevor ensuring that your wedding cake arrives in perfect condition. Trevor is a truly talented pastry chef.

Unfortunately blogs have not advanced enough yet for you to taste the delicious cakes of Patisserie Viennoise, but take my word for it, they’re absolutely delicious.